What happens in a Quad session?

The decision to come to the session is the beginning: a couple opting for this kind of direct engagement are showing courage and a willingness to collaborate.

Each member of the couple is asked to do a little preparation, written or verbal, before the session, for the time to be used most effectively.

The session is semi-structured, with room for different modes of dialogue, and for inhabiting both subjective and objective roles. Time is allotted to each member of the couple to speak uninterruptedly within the Quad configuration, and Clare and Tim then each offer their thoughts, observations and suggestions. In addition, periods of more free-flowing four-way dialogue provide a balanced context for self expression and questioning, with each person fully participating, but equally having room to observe and reflect.

Towards the end of the session there are some specific structured points:

  • 'Impact of today’s discussion' – each member of the couple reflect back on how it has been for them, and what has impacted them

  • 'Looking ahead' – all four participants think constructively and creatively about specific, possible changes the couple could make

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