Who is a Quad session for?

For any couple who feel their issue or problem could benefit from the focussed inquiry that Quad offers. Possible reasons to come could include:

  • Feeling in a stuck pattern of behaviour with each other, either generally or in relation to something particular

  • Feeling at a crossroads of some kind, in the relationship

  • Having a specific problem, perhaps with a family member, or relating to a difficult decision that affects both parties

  • Both members seeking a life-changing breakthrough of some kind

A Quad session is typically (but not necessarily) for a heterosexual couple in a non-platonic relationship.
We do see the gender balance (of two men and two women together) as an advantage, but not as a condition, of the session.

Quad sessions are not for

  • Couples where domestic abuse or serious addiction is part of the picture

  • Couples where only one member is committed to the process

  • Couples who are unwilling to be challenged or to accept that change can involve profound struggle

Helping couples find clarity