What is a Quad session?

Quad sessions are for couples who are seeking some focused help with a particular issue or problem, in or pertinent to their relationship. Both members of the couple need to commit to the session.  

A Quad session is a focused, investigative conversation between four people. It is an original format conceived of by Tim and Clare Mansfield, a brother and sister team. It draws from all aspects of Clare and Tim’s personal and working backgrounds, and demands something substantial from each participant. One might say a Quad session, while supportive and constructive, is not for the faint-hearted.

Typically the session is one-off, and designed to help bring clarity, and shift perceptions and/or behaviour in a constructive way.  

Key to what Tim and Clare offer in the session are:

  • dedicated, caring attention to the individual

  • an authentic desire to understand

  • potentially challenging insights and suggestions

Helping couples find clarity